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Everything will be connected with everything over the Internet.

We believe a new world of Internet of Things (IoT) is fast approaching.
However, don’t you think sometimes the future moves too fast, and that we feel left behind?
That’s why we decided to stop the future from walking ahead on its own.

Project Linking is starting.
It is a place where software creators and hardware creators meet.
It is a playground for making things. A place for experimenting.
If you think of an idea, let’s just make it.

If there are 100 people, you will get 100 unique creations.
We are now living in the “can-create” age.
So, what are you going to create?

Link Creativity

Project Linking Concept Movie

「Project Linking」 「Project Linking」

API guide

In Project Linking, the API is made available, and fellow developers are enlisted to join in creating new BLE devices and applications.

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Devices that can be used

  • Board for apps developers
  • tomoru
  • Pochiru
  • Sizuka
  • Furueru
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What is Linking?
Linking is a platform that lets customers readily experience the Internet of Things. It does so by achieving linkage between applications in smartphones and peripheral devices external to smartphones.
What products can Linking be used with?
Linking can be used on the following products (as of March 2017)

■smartphone : Android - OS4.4 or newer / iOS - iOS9 or newer
■Wi-Fi STATION : N-01J
■Kids' PHONE : F-03J
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Project Team

  • アイフォコーム
  • 株式会社エス・イー・シー・ハイテック
  • NEC
  • NTC
  • NTT docomo
  • MCPC
  • Connect+
  • サン電子
  • systena
  • ツリーベル
  • HAKUHODO i-studio
  • braveridge
  • プロネッツ